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Tarip Sewa Tower Crane  September 27, 2009 – 01:42 am
Tower Crane TOWER - CRANE
( Minimum Sewa 6 Bulan )
HARGA SEWA ( RP. ) / Bln. / 210 Jam; PER JAM
1 Free Standing 1.4 Ton / 45 M
35, 000, 000 ;117, 000
2 Free Standing 2.3 Ton / 50 M
45, 000, 000; 150, 000
3 Free Standing 2.1 Ton / 55 M
45, 000, 000 ;150, 000
4 Free Standing 2.5 Ton / 60 M
54, 000, 000 ;180, 000
5 Free Standing 2.8 Ton / 60 M
55, 000, 000 ;183, 000
6 Free Standing 3.6 Ton / 60 M
56, 000, 000 ;187, 000
1. Harga tersebut diatas untuk wilayah DKI Jakarta & Sekitarnya
2. Harga tersebut belum termasuk biaya Mob & Demob alat serta biaya erection &
dismantle alat
3. Tanggung jawab penyewa meliputi uang makan operator, uang lembur,
akomodasi alat bila alat
dipergunakan diluar wilayah DKI Jakarta, pajak/pungutan, asuransi alat, Pondasi dan
Power Supply
4. Tanggung jawab pemilik meliputi Gaji operator/ mekanik, Suku cadang
5. Minimum Jam Operasi alat adalah 300 Jam / bulan,
pemakaian alat melebihi 300 Jam diperhitungkan
sebagai lembur alat.
6. Biaya Sewa Meet Section adalah sebesar Rp. 750.000/ section / bulan

Source: infoalat2.blogspot.com

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Cranky and Flynn Save the Day Playset
Toy (Fisher-Price)
  • Cranky the Crane is 29" tall and ready to help with loading and unloading
  • Cranky comes with a remote control and can move 360 degrees
  • In case there is a fire, Cranky can drop a special crate and Flynn the fire engine comes to the rescue
  • Includes cargo, cargo car, docks, loading desctination and a complete loop of track
  • Together Cranky and Flynn come to the rescue just like in the Thomas and Friends DVD "Day of the Diesels"

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When I was a kid, a favorite past-time was climbing. I grew up in Vegas (which wasn't much of a city way back when...), so my friends and I would race up palm trees, and we'd play under the bleachers in the local high school. Being idiots -- as all kids are -- we would try to jump off higher and higher things. Finally, one kid jumped off the announcer's booth and broke his leg. But the climbing ... single-file line was stop and go. We had 20 meters to climb to get to a vestibule. At around 10 meters (which took maybe 30 minutes with the line), I started to freak out a little. I don't know if it was the height per se; maybe also a bit of claustrophobia. But by the time we made it up, I was also freaking out about the height.
Since then, I have been a little woozy high up. Weird, huh?

10 home gifts for the design minded  — San Francisco Chronicle
The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower are so old school. San Francisco's Sutro Tower and the prehistoric-looking cranes at the Port of Oakland are landmarks to a new generation. San Francisco architect Laurence Srinivasan's Bay Area Models are made ...

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The Broken Tower
Movie ()
Hammerhead tower crane tower section raising procedure at 222 South Main building construction site in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 1, 2008
Tower Crane Raising Process
A high-altitude report from a crane cabin: the Big House reporter, Maxim Pushkin talks with crane operator Dmitry about the basic principles of
The daily routine of a Federation Tower crane operator
LEGO LEGO 7739 City Coast Guard Patrol Boat and Tower
Toy (LEGO)
  • The crane turns 360 degrees and moves up and down
  • The tower has a control station, first aid and a place to store equipment
  • The Patrol Boat really floats and measures 17" (43cm) long and 41/2" (11cm) wide
  • Includes patrol boat and command tower with dock, four minifigures, shark, surfboard, small boat and lots of accessories
  • Contains 444 pieces
  • The tower stands 12" (30cm) high and attached dock is 10" (25cm) long
  • Use the crane to lower the raft into the water, lift the roof on the boat to access the controls and lower the anchor into the water
Fisher Price Fisher Price Imaginext Rumblin' Rocks Construction Site
Toy (Fisher Price)
  • Fisher Price Imaginext Rumblin'
Fisher Price Rescue Heroes Mission Select Mountain Action Command Center
Toy (Fisher Price)
  • Fires, floods, storms, whatever mission you choose with the Mission Select Team, you just can't lose
  • Hook up any members of the Mission Select Rescue Heroes Team to the tethered backpacks
  • Select a mission on the Mountain Action Command Center dial and press the activation button
  • You'll hear Warren and the figures actually talk to each other about the mission you selected
  • Press a different activation button and one of Warren's four helpers will join in the conversation
  • Backpacks also work with existing VoiceTech figures (sold separately)
  • Measures 35 inches tall
  • Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included)
  • Rescue Heroes Mission Select Fire Engine shown is sold separately
  • Use the dial to choose from six different missions: fire, flood, tornado, volcano, earthquake or avalanche

www.sefindia.org :: View topic - Tower Crane Foundation Design

I really need a sample calculation for foundation design of a 10 mt tower crane. I don't know how the foundation loading of a tower crane is done.

Example Tower Crane Foundation Design

Tower crane foundation: Fig. 1-1 Foundation design of tower crane: Fig. 1-2 Design & calculation for tower crane of various configuration: Fig. 1-3.

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