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Wind speed for tower crane

Europe’s largest onshore wind project now in service  January 30, 2013 – 03:53 pm

25main CEZ Group’s 600-MW Fantanele/Cogealac wind park, Europe’s largest onshore wind project, now is in full operation and is producing enough clean energy to power more than one million Romanian households each year. The project utilizes 240 GE 2.5-MW wind turbines, including the 1, 000th 2.5-MW class machine installed by GE worldwide.

The final wind turbine for Fantanele/Cogealac was connected to the regional grid in late November. The wind park is located in Dobrogea, Constanta County, Romania, which is one of the most promising wind power regions in the country. The project owner, CEZ Romania, is part of CEZ Group, the largest utility in Central Europe.

“We chose GE because of its proven technology and the extensive experience of its project teams. The 2.5-MW turbine offers the efficiency, availability, and energy performance that will safeguard our success, ” said Ondřej Šafář, CEZ project manager. “Thanks to the Fantanele/Cogealac wind farm, CEZ is making a major contribution to increasing Romania’s renewable energy generation. Before this project, Romania’s installed wind capacity was only 14 megawatts.”

The individual wind turbine components for the Fantanele/Cogealac wind farm were produced all over the world. The turbine nacelles were supplied from GE’s facility in Salzbergen, Germany. The rotor blades and towers came from Germany, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, and China. The size of the components—one rotor blade measures nearly 50m in length—and the number of units required comprehensive planning. Twelve modes of transportation were needed to move all of the components for each wind turbine from the port of Constanta on the Black Sea to the project construction site. At peak times, 25 cranes were in action at once at one of the largest building sites in Europe.

Source: www.windpowerengineering.com

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I've s...us experience I just think I've addressed the issues I've seen. In any case your facing most of the same issues as the "Air car".
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Rail beam's for Tower cranes

Tower Cranes · Rail Beam · Hoist for Cranes · Material Hoist.
The rail beam is designed for towercranes on rails and replace the concrete sleepers.

2012 Coolest Tower Crane Photos | All Things Cranes

27) A tower crane on rails helping build the treatment plant portion of the $1.8 billion Brightwater Wastewater Treatment System in Woodinville, Washington.

Publications - Crane rail and crane rails - Tower cranes

When the installation and operation of tower cranes to verify the components of the tower crane. Crane beams, rails, cranes, prigruza tower crane, balances.

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  • Avatar Xenophile What software do engineers use for drawing tower cranes (constructions)?
    Jul 13, 2008 by Xenophile | Posted in Engineering
    • AutoCad 2008
      You can also draw 3-D models

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